Balance Catamarans
Balance Catamarans

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Multihulls Quarterly:  Balance 451 Review

The Balance 451 Symmetry sailing in Annapolis MD for BOTY

For many cruisers, 45 feet is just about the perfect size for a couple’s cruising boat and the new Balance 451 fits right into that sweet spot. In a boat of this size, nothing onboard is too heavy or large for a normal adult to handle, whether it be the main anchor or the genoa, or the weight of the mainsail as you hoist it. Plus, for East Coast sailors, at 45 feet, you can keep the mast shorter than 63 feet, which is the controlling height of bridges along the Intracoastal Waterway.

The Balance 451 is a Roger Hill design that has been enlarged and updated by multihull impresario Phil Berman. The boat has been length – ened with new finely shaped bows and longer stern platforms. This in – creases her nominal hull speed and dampens pitching in head seas. The hulls are narrow at the waterline so the boat will be easily driven and fast in all conditions. Daggerboards have been added that greatly im – prove upwind sailing performance, but the hulls also have small keels to absorb a grounding and to protect the propellers and rudders.