Balance Catamarans
Balance Catamarans

Why Balance?

The Balance Story

Born from the vision of a team of designers, engineers, and builders with the goal of crafting the finest adventure catamarans on the planet, read how Balance Catamarans came to life.

Our Brand Philosophy

With the goal of striking a careful balance between performance and comfort, read the ten design principles we follow when building a Balance.

Handmade and Built to Order

Balance Catamarans are committed to building semi-custom, hand-crafted, bespoke yachts of exceptional quality.  Each and every yacht we craft is a unique work of art.

Technology & Performance

Our build philosophy at Balance Catamarans is simple: Improve on the proven, innovate where required.

Balance Come to Life

Ever wonder what it looks like to see a boat come together from start to finish?  With this new video, you can watch the progression of Balance 526 Hull #1 coming together.


Sit down for an interview series with our designers and build teams in South Africa and China to get a deep insight into the formation of Balance Cats, the brand philosophy, and much more.