Balance Catamarans
Balance Catamarans

No two people share the same taste in interior design. In keeping with our build-to-order philosophy we are therefore happy to totally customize our interiors to our owners’ exact specifications.

Some of our customers. however, prefer our guidance on interior choices. For this reason we collaborated with an Italian design studio in Philadelphia to craft four interior ethics that reflect what we believe are the most cutting edge trends in modern yacht interiors.

Pictured here you will find The Cape Contempoary, French Contemporary, Moderna, and the Modern Yacht designs. These designs show the salon and the master cabin of the Balance 526, but may be applied to any of our interiors.  On all of our models 62 feet and above each interior is designed on a totally custom basis, but we are pleased to apply any of the four ethics pictured below to any Balance.

Cape Contemporary

Cape Contemporary – Saloon Galley
Cape Contemporary – Master Cabin

French Contemporary

French Contemporary – Saloon Galley
French Contemporary – Master Cabin


Moderna – Saloon Galley
Moderna – Master Cabin

Modern Yacht

Modern Yacht – Saloon Galley
Modern Yacht – Master Cabin

Multihulls Magazine

“In addition to being a yacht of the finest quality, the new “Versahelm” design of the Balance 526 is so elegant, wise and functional one wonders why nobody thought to do it before…”

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Multihulls World

“Judging by the workmanship I examined the 451 is first class in every respect.”

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Cruising World

“I stepped off the Balance 526 thinking it might just be the new scratch boat in the payload-versus-performance multihull debate.”

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