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“Balance Catamarans” started because we were frustrated with the catamaran market. Most catamarans were either for charter or racing, and there weren’t many choices for people who wanted something in the middle. We used our combined experience from thousands of miles at sea to design and create truly balanced, handcrafted performance catamarans that would offer our customers years of blissful living and sailing.


We are world-class sailors who saw a need for catamarans that merge open-water performance and modern livability.

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We were born out of listening to sailors and continue to grow and innovate by being a part of the Balance community.

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“On the water, Balance Catamarans achieve the elusive combination of excellent performance in a broad range of wind and sea conditions, on most points of sail, with good payload-carrying ability.”

Seahorse Magazine

“Truly impressive…With the scaled-down 442, Balance fills out the family offering with dimensions and a price point that make their designs more accessible to a broader swath of the cruising market. The result is a performance catamaran that’s perfectly positioned to appeal to an experienced sailing couple looking for quality, livability, speed, and savvy systems, all in a true 44-foot package that is a kick to sail.”

Sail, February 6, 2023

“The choice of materials is qualitative (the foam core and wood veneer for furniture), as well as the overall finish, in a word: impeccable.”

“I think the Balance 526 represents an important moment in the history of multihull design and evolution…there was something missing in the marketplace that Phil recognized: a high-performance voyaging cat that an experienced couple could take anywhere…finally, we have that a couple can really sail well.”

Tim Murphy, Judge, Cruising World Boat of the Year 2017

“Pretty as she is, every aspect of her design seems to have been refracted through a simplicity prism. Access for repairs is exceptional. The movement from helm to side decks and from side decks to foredecks is a breeze. The wiring and systems installations all reflect a commitment to functional excellence.”

Multihulls World

“Several Balance 526 owners have reported 24-hour periods covering 260 miles or more. This is one very, very fast catamaran, laden or empty.”

Multihulls World