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Pragmatic Meets

Like many insurgent brands, Balance was born from our frustration. The catamaran market had simply become dominated by charter cats or racing cats, leaving few options for those seeking something in-between. We took our collective experience born from thousands of miles at sea to design and create truly balanced, handcrafted performance catamarans that would offer our customers years of blissful living and sailing.

State of Balance


The Balance team brings together decades of experience in catamaran racing, voyaging, design, engineering and building. We are a proud group of men and women who simply want to craft the finest adventure catamarans on the planet.


Speed expands cruising horizons, shortens passages, makes sailing more fun, and helps you avoid approaching foul weather.


Painstakingly considered in every detail, from resins and epoxies to carbons and cores, mast and sails, to hatches and hulls—the technology of your Balance has been optimized to make sailing as easy and safe as possible.


Born from the toughest seas of Africa, we’ve forged an eclectic team of multi-faceted craftspeople who take deep pride in working with you to customize a dream catamaran like no other.