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Balance builds live-aboard performance catamarans for oceanic adventure travel.

We do not craft racing cats or charter cats. Our catamarans strike a careful balance between performance underway and comfort at anchor.

It has been said that “There is no such thing as a perfect balance. Only perfect balance makes perfect.”

This statement strikes us as a “perfect” company ethos. We have created designs that afford customers the opportunity to define what that perfect balance is for their needs.

Customizable to fit your unique performance needs

Some of our owners are deeply driven by performance and prepared to make equipment compromises to sail faster, or, in some instances (such as our Carbon Cross + and XP models), to spend more for us to lighten their catamarans with additional carbon. Some ask us for a bit less cabinetry, a reduced amount of equipment, and are quite prepared to place their boat on a “performance diet.” While others give up a bit of speed to carry more gear to gain greater comfort and livability.

Only perfect balance
makes it perfect…for you.

Standards & Classifications

Balance Catamarans are fabricated to achieve either CE, Category A offshore classification, ABS Offshore Classification, or American Boat and Yacht Council codes and standards. All our yachts meet or exceed these standards. Our operator’s manual conforms with CE Category A Offshore classification.