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Safety & Speed Living Comfortably Together

How do we design and fabricate catamarans that make sailing easier, safer, and faster? How do we build yachts that are more reliable, durable, simpler to maintain and repair? How can we craft green and efficient catamarans that are as fun to live on as they are to sail?

These remain the questions that drive us every day in our ongoing quest to craft the most balanced voyaging catamarans in the world.

We live on the cutting edge, rather than bleeding edge of technology.

Our catamarans are designed and built for self-reliance because they frequently venture to some of the most remote locations on earth.

Reliability, strength, energy efficiency, and performance must be carefully balanced, which explains why our mantra is to “improve upon the proven and innovate when required.”


As the inventors of the now famous VersaHelm™, we developed a 90-degree pivoting helm that allows our catamarans to be piloted up top, in the open air, or down below in the cockpit to protect you from foul weather.

Our dual helm positions offer four-corner visibility, making sailing easier and safer and
considerably more pleasant. We offer the most expansive sight lines in the catamaran world today.

Integral 48-volt Alternators

We were an early adopter and partner of Integral 48-volt alternators because we are committed to green, efficient, and safe catamarans.

These alternators do away with the need for a third diesel engine, allow us to create safer, propane free catamarans, and produce “free” electrical charges to our batteries whenever our engines are operating. They burn less fuel, reduce maintenance, and decrease weight.

Hull Design

We have labored sedulously to improve upon catamaran hull design with our gradual-flare, chine-free, wave-piercing hulls.

These cutting-edge shapes sustain the ideal hull-fineness ratios to allow for excellent payload capacity with minimized hydrodynamic drag. With her centered weights and ideal length to beam ratios, Balance catamarans glide across the surface as opposed to dragging and violently pitching.

Carbon Fiber

We are carbon fiber experts at Balance. All of our catamarans carry carbon reinforcement in high-load areas to reduce weight and produce stiffness. We match this wise use of carbon with thermoformed foam core hulls and decks to lighten and strengthen our structures.

On our models over 48 feet we also offer full carbon epoxy XP versions for those who crave that extra bit of performance or additional payload capacity.