• Zinc Yellow

  • Orange

  • Traffic Red

  • Pastel Green

  • Silver Grey

  • Telegray

  • Traffic White

  • Pastel Blue

Boot Stripe

  • Traffic White

  • Telegray

  • Capri Blue

  • Orange

  • Zinc Yellow

  • Traffic Red

  • Graphite Black

  • Squirrel Grey

Sail Bag & Jib

  • Silver Stack Pack

  • Oyster

  • Logo Red

  • Cadet Grey

  • Blue

Mast & Boom

  • Ral 9017 Black

  • Anodized Aluminum

  • Ral 9016 White

Upholstery (Cockpit)

  • Tres Chic Blue

  • Midnight Blue

  • Silver-Gray

  • Natural

  • Ash

  • Sand

  • Dove

  • Charcoal Grey

Floor (Cockpit)

  • Flexiteak Bleached

  • Flexiteak Teak Grey

  • Flexiteak Teak

  • Flexiteak Faded

  • Seadek Storm Grey

  • Seadek Mocha

  • Seadek Terra

  • Seadek Capuchino


  • White

  • Black


  • White

  • Black

Upholstery (Salon)

  • Silverbirch

  • Natural

  • Indigo

  • Oat Coir

  • Silver Boucle

  • Cadet Blue

  • Olive

  • Balsamic

Floor (Salon)

  • Sylvan Cedar

  • Sylvan Whitewood

  • Sylvan Yew

  • Sylvan Fir

  • Bayport Decking

  • Bayport Veneer

  • Bayport Debark

  • Bayport Lattice

Cabinets (Salon)

  • Zebrano

  • Bamboo Caramel Vertical

  • Sapele Mahogany

  • White Oak

  • Cherry Wood

  • Crown Ash


  • Ice White

  • New Concrete


  • Kotor Pepper

  • Vapor

  • Nickel

  • White Sands

Wall/Ceiling Color

  • Tambo White

  • Tambo Cirrus

Balance 526

Build Summary

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The Balance Configurator

The Balance configurator was designed to help you explore a range of different materials to design your own special catamaran. They were carefully chosen by master interior designer, Ed Kelly, to represent the latest in contemporary European design.

White Oak, Maple, Walnut, Sapele Mahogany and Cherry veneers are offered standard at Balance. Ashwood, Zebrano, and Eco Bamboo are an additional cost, as outlined in our price sheets. As natural materials, they will vary from boat to boat in color, texture and finish. And, on occasion, some of the veneers, fabrics, or other products featured in the configurator may not be available.

If you configure your Balance entirely through the configurator there are no additional design fees. Should you feel the need for professional design assistance, or wish to design a totally custom interior with materials not pictured in the configurator, please contact Ed Kelly for an initial consultation and price quote. Ed has the over 500 pounds of samples available to us at Balance to help you expedite the design process.

Ed Kelly, OLC Design Studios