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The high-performance voyager was designed for sailors with speed in their hearts but luxury on their minds. View our first 580 Hulls under build.

580 Build Video Series
Overall Length
17.78m 58.32ft
Beam Overall
8.6m 28.21ft
Sail Area
209.5m2 2,255ft2
Draft (Boards Up)
1.65m 5.40ft
Base Boat Displacement (Standard Carbon Cross Version)
16,668kgs 36,753lbs
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Phillip Berman
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Anton du Toit


With her long lean hulls and carbon reinforced structure, foam core hulls, 100% epoxy construction, she’s a high performance luxury voyager for those who refuse to compromise. Upwind she points high, with little leeway, in the 8 to 11 knot range with her high aspect daggerboards. Reaching in true winds between 8 and 16 knots she’ll do wind-speed or better with ease. Put her in stiff winds and surf and let the excitement begin as she excellerates into the 20’s.

* Polars are known as Velocity Performance Predictions (VPP’s) and are calculated using advanced computer modeling at base boat weight assuming vessel in flat sea state, trimmed sails and clean bottom. Polars do not guarantee specific performance. Vessel performance in real world conditions vary due to sea state, hull condition, payload, and the skill of the helmsman. To learn more about performance, click below to view our videos on Polars

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What Owners Think

“Balance Catamarans were the perfect compromise for us as they are fast, comfortable, practical, beautiful and very well built, by people who also love to sail.”

Mark T.

“As experienced sailors, we were drawn to the fact that a Balance is a truly hand-made labor of love crafted by passionate builders who were happy to let us make a wide range of choices on finishes and equipment.”

Jim F.

“Every once in a while, you connect with a group of people you know will always be in your life in a very good way. I think building in South Africa, you get a lot more for your money. The craftsmanship is top-notch.”

Frank B.

Full Specs

Overall Length

17.78 m / 58.32 ft

Waterline Length

17.78 m / 58.33 ft

Beam Overall

8.6m / 28.21ft

Main Sail

140.9m2 / 1,516ft2

Working Jib

79.5 m2 / 856 ft2

Sail Area (100% Foretriangle)

209.5 m2 / 2,255 ft2

Asymmetric Spinnaker

310.83 m2 / 3,346 ft2

Draft (Boards Down)

3.35 m / 10.99 ft

Draft (Boards Up)

1.65 m / 5.40 ft

Draft (Keeled Version)


Air Draft/Mast Clearance

27.43 m / 89.99 ft

Bridgedeck Clearance (Base Boat)

1.10m / 3.61 ft

DISP (Base Boat – Daggerboard)

16,668 kgs / 36,753 lbs (Standard Carbon Cross Version)

DISP (Base Boat – Keeled)


Davit Load

400 kgs / 882 lbs per arm
Max Length Tender 4.27m / 14 ft
Max Weight Tender w/OB 268 kgs / 590 lbs


125.7 m2 / 1,353 ft2


Yanmar 4JH57 x SD60

Fuel Capacity

2 x 500 ltrs / 2 x 132 gals

Fresh Water Capacity

2 x 300 ltrs / 2 x 79 gals

Black Water Capacity

2 X 60 ltrs / 2 x 16 gals

Maximum Load Displacement

21,668 kgs / 47,790 lbs

Please note that, based on component availability and other factors, specifications are subject to change without notice.

The weight of each yacht we build varies based on her interior fit-out, materials chosen, hardware and added equipment. All our catamarans are designed for best-in-class weight and sailing performance, without compromising strength or quality.

Underwing clearance will vary based on the final fit out of the yacht together with what is stored on her, the amount of fuel and water she carries, and the number of passengers onboard.


“The choice of materials is qualitative (the foam core and wood veneer for furniture), as well as the overall finish, in a word: impeccable.”

“I think the Balance 526 represents an important moment in the history of multihull design and evolution…there was something missing in the marketplace that Phil recognized: a high-performance voyaging cat that an experienced couple could take anywhere…finally, we have that a couple can really sail well.”

Tim Murphy, Judge, Cruising World Boat of the Year 2017

“Pretty as she is, every aspect of her design seems to have been refracted through a simplicity prism. Access for repairs is exceptional. The movement from helm to side decks and from side decks to foredecks is a breeze. The wiring and systems installations all reflect a commitment to functional excellence.”

Multihulls World

“Several Balance 526 owners have reported 24-hour periods covering 260 miles or more. This is one very, very fast catamaran, laden or empty.”

Multihulls World