Balance Catamarans Leads Eco-Friendly Marine Propulsion with E-Drive Read More
15 May 2024

Balance Catamarans Leads Eco-Friendly Marine Propulsion with E-Drive

Balance Catamarans, renowned for its  commitment to innovation in the marine industry, proudly announces a groundbreaking partnership with Integrel Solutions. As the inaugural OEM boat builder to embrace the revolutionary Integrel E-Drive power and propulsion system, Balance Catamarans is poised to redefine the standards of eco-friendly boating.

With the launch of the Integrel E-Drive later this year, Balance Catamarans will offer up to 30kW of power generation and 40hp of electric drive on their multihulls. This innovative system represents a transformative shift toward cleaner and more efficient marine propulsion, seamlessly integrating propulsion and power generation for a superior on-water experience. Owners of Balance Catamarans will now have the opportunity to enjoy the thrill and advantages of owning a hybrid electric vessel across the entire range of models.

Having been at the forefront of multihull innovation for over a decade, Balance Catamarans has long been an advocate for progressive solutions in marine technology. As early adopters of Integrel Solutions’ E-Power product, Balance has collaborated closely with Integrel to refine and perfect the technology for seamless integration into its models. The result is an impressive energy generation of up to 18kW, coupled with optimized fuel consumption, reduced emissions, and minimized noise levels, delivering a greener and quieter boating experience overall.

Phil Berman, President and Founder of Balance Catamarans, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership noting, “Integrating E-Drive into the Balance models underscores our unwavering commitment to providing owners with the most advanced and environmentally friendly options available. Our collaboration with Integrel Solutions over the past five years has been instrumental in our pursuit of innovation and sustainability. At Balance, we prioritize aligning with partners who offer cutting-edge solutions and exceptional customer support, making Integrel the ideal choice as E-Drive launches.”

Trevor Howard, CEO of Integrel Solutions, echoed the sentiment, emphasizing the strength of their partnership with Balance Catamarans. He remarked, “We consider ourselves ‘partners in innovation,’ and our collaboration with Balance is a testament to that. The integration of E-Drive into their catamarans marks a significant milestone in marine technology, offering boat owners the opportunity to reduce their environmental footprint while enhancing performance.” Set to be installed between the engine and gearbox, E-Drive accommodates both sail drive and shaft drive configurations, maximizing performance without compromising space.

The first Balance Catamaran equipped with the Integrel E-Drive is scheduled to be completed and launched later this year, ushering in a new era of sustainable boating and reaffirming Balance Catamarans’ position as leaders in marine innovation.