Balance Catamarans
Balance Catamarans

“We plan to circumnavigate. We will have no schedule so to speak; we will let the wind, conditions and our family goals set the path”

Jono, Helga and Kai love being on the ocean. Their circumnavigation plans really came together at the Annapolis Boat Show 2019 when they put a deposit down on their new Balance 482!

“This was like the last piece of the puzzle in terms of being sure we were comfortable with our plan to spend a lot time on the ocean. We had already honed in on the Balance Catamaran by then and throughout this evaluation time period for us; Phil Berman, Andrew Hodgdon and Mark Delany have been very patient, honest on all of the pros + cons and very supportive with zero pressure to buy”

Kai at 3 ½ years old went sailing for the first time in 2019 and loved it. Combine that with Jono and Helga’s love of sailing and you can see why the plans are now set! Jono has sailed the East Coast of the United States and Bahamas; crewed out of South Hampton, England. Helga has sailed in Brazil, the East Coast and Bahamas.

Jono has a B.S. in Civil Engineering and began his career building/installing oil platforms in the Gulf of Mexico. His passion for the environment began when he started cleaning up offshore oil spills for Texaco. He then worked for many years in Environmental Consulting and Remediation with the objective of minimizing the waste footprint in our world today focusing on studying, developing and implementing remediation (clean-up) programs on environmentally impacted sites and providing emergency response clean up support for non-hazardous and hazardous chemical spills on land + waterways.

Born and raised in Lancaster, SC, Jono moved to Hilton Head in 1974 and bought his first Hobie Cat 16. He truly fell in love with sailing and racing on his Hobie Cat in the 1970’s and continued to own and race them in the 70’s and 80’s on the East Coast. He owned one in Fort Lauderdale in the 2000’s.

In the 1970’s our go to manual was Phil Berman and Fred Miller’s “Multihull Racing Hobie Cats”

“I never met Phil back in the 1970’s but we definitely knew who he was and feel that he is an awesome influence and mentor for the sport. Now moving 40 years + I think Phil and his team have brought some of that authentic, raw feeling of sailing that we had on our Hobie cats to the Balance Catamaran continuing to find that balance of freedom, challenge and adventure”

Helga bought her first Windsurf, local made board with a Neil Pryde Sail in Vitoria Brazil. Helga’s father taught her how to windsurf and that is how she fell in love with sailing, racing and the ocean.

Helga and Jono met kite surfing on Tiki Beach in Fort Lauderdale and they both continue to be passionate about the sport. Helga started Racing Stand Up Paddle Boards (SUPs) in 2009 and has raced SUPs in the United States, Puerto Rico and BVI’s. She was ranked 14th in the World SUP + #1 in Florida SUP under her maiden name Helga Goebel. Helga also has a B.S. International Business A.S. 2 Year Culinary Degree Ft. Lauderdale Art Institute and is just an awesome athlete.

“After long consideration of many options + the Hobie influence and all of our different experiences with sailing and our time on the ocean, it is no mystery why we were attracted to the Balance Catamaran with its unique combination of comfort and performance while maintaining the highest levels of safety. Those were key factors in our evaluation of which catamaran to purchase since we will be circumnavigating”