Balance Catamarans
Balance Catamarans

“The never ending search for the perfect Balance. It is obvious that the Balance Team has a passion for catamarans”

Parker Hannifin has been active in the design/development of America’s cup boats for over 30 years and as their Chief Technology Officer, Craig has been able to sail on some of the most high-tech boats on the planet with some of the best sailors!

Craig is an engineer (Industrial/Design) and has been sailing since the age of 9.

“I saved every penny of my paper route money and purchased a brand new Minifish (the baby brother of the Sunfish) sailboat.  I owned it until I graduated college.  God knows how many hours were spent on that boat in the Summers – Great memories!”

Craig, his wife Denise and their dog “Gunner” are very much looking forward to spending time on their Balance 482 catamaran and the relative speed +comfort that it will afford.

“It’s not one thing, It’s a thousand things that add up to something special.  In the design/engineering world it is called empathic design.  To develop empathy, you need to have deep domain knowledge (to be truly expert).  Only then can you imagine a better way, the Versa-helm is a clear example of empathic design and was central to our choice of the Balance 482 catamaran as our retirement “escape pod”

“I wanted a boat designed by sailors/innovators who set about creating a great product”