Balance Catamarans
Balance Catamarans

Frank grew up near Marina del Rey in California maintaining boats in his younger years and got to know a bit about what made a quality boat. As he started to look at having a catamaran built, he wanted something that would be able to be sailed short-handed, easy to maintain and solve the “not enough wind to sail” problem. When he first saw videos of the Balance, he knew right away it was the right design. After researching Nexus and talking to balance owners, he was sold!

Frank has worked in venture technology since the 90’s, playing roles in many well-known software companies, most recently, CEO of a successful data analytics company.

Tiffany started her career in Occupational Therapy but then moved to tech companies in various HR and operations roles.

Frank and Tiffany sailed together while working at the same company 20 years ago but drifted apart when they stopped working together. Reunited a few years back, they are now married and looking to sail a lot more on their Balance 526! Frank has two grown sons who love the water. Tif and Frank recently enlisted a bosun, “Yogi” the Portuguese water dog who also loves to sail!

Frank sailed Sabots and Lidos as a kid in Southern California, and then also learned to sail keelboats in SF Bay in the 90s at Spinnaker Sailing in SF. Tiffany learned to sail keelboats around 2000 in San Francisco Bay at the well-known OCSC sailing program in Berkeley, California.

Both Tif and Frank chartered lots of boats in SF Bay. Frank bought a Catalina 34 which he kept right next to the SF Giant’s ballpark in SF. He also started sailing a bit on a Seawind and was immediately drawn to catamarans. He sold the Catalina and later bought a Seawind 1000 which he sailed to Puerto Vallarta and Sea of Cortez. A few years later he moved up to a Catana 431 which he and Tif keep in Santa Cruz.

Their plan is to half-time cruise on their Balance, starting in the Caribbean and Bahamas and just going where the wind takes them. Frank and Tiffany will eventually sail to the South Pacific and on to New Zealand but are in no rush!