Balance Catamarans
Balance Catamarans

“Really in 15 years of looking, the Balance catamaran was the only boat that ticked all the boxes. When I got to know Phil, Andrew, Roger, Jonathan and the rest of the Balance /Nexus team and saw the quality of their products and the quality of their personal characters, that sealed the deal for me. An outstanding product from people that you can trust and that really care about you, your safety, and your comfort”

Rich is an electrical engineer, running global, creative teams that design and build fun, creative games for mobile phones and casinos.Rich has sailed on the Pacific coast outside of San Diego as well as the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico + some blue water sailing experience helping friends move boats around the Caribbean and North Atlantic.

“These longer trips opened my eyes and heart to a whole new facet of sailing, which I just fell in love with. On those trips I realized that when the time was right, sometime along my life journey I would have my own boat that was capable of crossing oceans”

Rich plans on keeping his new Balance 526 in the Caribbean for a few years, with the ultimate goal of circumnavigating in 3-4 years time.