Balance Catamarans
Balance Catamarans

Jeffrey is a world renowned pharmacologist, inventor of the ground breaking acid reflux drug, Zegerid, among others. He spent many years as a professor at the University of Missouri before departing to form his own drug research and development company, Effexus Pharmacueutical, where he is CEO.

Jeffrey began sailing in 1983 and is a lifelong waterman. He has spent the bulk of his vacation time over the past few decades diving, fishing, and sailing throughout the Bahamas, Brazil and the Caribbean on his Dolphin 460 sailing catamaran and his Lagoon 43 power catamaran.

As Jeffrey neared retirement he had a difficult decision to make on what sort of catamaran to purchase. He knew it would be a catamaran, but could not decide if it should be a sailing or a power cat. He wanted both to some extent.

As anyone who has met Jeffrey knows he’s a man who likes to move quickly. His second home is in Belize, where he loves to dive and fish, and had to be sure that whatever catamaran he got could get him back and forth from the reefs quickly and navigate safely over the shallow waters that dominate that dive spots.

In the end, Jeffrey explains, “I decided on a high performance sailing cat because it provides the best of both worlds – it can motor along efficiently at 10 to 12 knots when there’s no wind but can sail at wind speed or better in winds over 8 knots. I knew I wanted to circumnavigate and explore the world by sea, so the sailing catamaran was the only intelligent choice after I thought on it. Fast in light ais, super fast in heavy air, good motoring speeds when becalmed, fuel efficient, stable, and an excellent platform from which to dive and fish and live.”

When asked him what most attracted him to getting a Balance Catamaran, he said, “It had a lot to do with knowing the experience, character and integrity of Phil Berman. I worked with him before on the build of my Dolphin cat and knew he was the sort of person who would do what he said he would and do it well. He assured me that his build team were also deeply ethical and skilled, and my trip to South Africa confirmed that immediately
What Jeffrey likes the best about the Balance 526 is that her flared hulls will enable him to carry his dive compressor, ice crusher, and a full compliment of electronics. “She’s pretty, she’s built like a rock, she’s light, super intelligently designed and is going to be a blast to sail. I think the name Balance says it all.”