Balance Catamarans
Balance Catamarans

Every modern yacht is a self sustaining floating ecosystem we ask to make water, steer herself, chill food, run a wide array of electronics, and to position herself on the oceans of the world on a chart plotter — all the while adventuring to the most remote spots on earth. It is naive for any consumer to assume these complex ecosystems – electronic or mechanical – do not require service, tuning, or repair from time to time.

One of the most overlooked aspects of the yacht purchasing decision by far too many consumers is the measured commitment of the builder and its agents to support their products long after the final check is written.

Nobody purchases a yacht to experience aggravation, but to capture the magic and wonder of life on the water, to explore new cultures, new people, to bring their family and friends closer together.

Balance Catamarans is a customer focused, service driven company committed to excellence in everything we do.

We offer on site support and service in Grenada, St. Martin, Tortola, Hong Kong, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Georgetown, Maryland, Tacoma, Washington, Mauritius, Seychelles, and St. Francis, South Africa. Outside of the above locations we work with a range of trusted contractors throughout Europe, Thailand, and Australia.

Wherever you may be in the world we are standing by to offer technical support, the procurement of parts, or to source quality contractors to assist you in regions where we may not have a physical presence.

Multihulls Quarterly

“I came to learn that Jonathan Paarman was truly a master catamaran builder with a solid reputation and that ordering a new Balance 526 was not like ordering a boat from some upstart operation.”

Mark Thornburrow, Balance Owner

“Phil Berman assured me that as soon as I met their team and saw one of their most recent builds that I would instantly see that their quality for price was superior to anything else on the market.  That, more or less, is what happened.”