Balance Catamarans
Balance Catamarans
Lee Xinxiang
Lee Xinxiang

The Balance 451 is built in China for Balance Catamarans by Startown Marine Ltd, currently the highest volume production builders of fiberglass pleasure boats 30 feet or greater in China. They recently completed a 5,500 square meter expansion of enclosed factory space dedicated to the manufacture of Balance catamarans.

The shipyard is jointly owned by Micah Zimmerman, who founded Arrowcat Marine in 2007, and Lee Xinxiang. Zimmerman and Lee have worked together for eight years in the field of performance catamaran manufacturing and have built over 50 Roger Hill-designed power catamarans.

Lee is General Manager of Balance 451 Production. He is among the most experienced boat builders in China. Lee established Arrowcat’s Startown Marine factory in Juhai China in 2007 and is responsible for all aspects of manufacturing and production engineering.

Lee holds a BSC in Shipbuilding Engineering from Huazhong University of Science and Technology in China. Lee has advanced training in 3D computer modeling (Rhino and AutoCad) and CNC operations. Lee is fluent in English and Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese). Prior to co-founding Startown, he was in charge of some of the most impressive builds in China, including the 68′ Clipper Round-the-World Racing Yachts (Dubois design) as well as the mould making, boat building, production schedule, and quality control for each of the ten Clippers that were built. Lee was also in-charge of communication and negotiation with the designers and the owner, as well as local and international purchasing for the project. He also built the female tools for a 60-foot powercat while serving as General Manager for Winfair Marine, and built two TCB 72′ steel round the world racing sailboats for the Global Challenge. As General Manager of the Yacht Division of Jiangmen Shipyard, he oversaw the construction of the 70′ Sailing Yacht “Winds of Time.”

Micah Zimmerman, a passionate multihull sailor who has explored the coast of China on a range of catamarans and trimarans, is a U.S. Citizen who has lived and worked in China for over 15 years. He grew up in the Philadelphia area, but moved to Boston in 1988 to attend Tufts University. He founded Arrowcat Marine in 2007 and led the company’s overall operations. He has founded three successful businesses in China and has years of experience training and deploying the Chinese workforce. He and his wife and two children live in Beijing.

For more information on the production of the Balance 451, read an In Depth Interview With Our China Team.

For additional details or questions, please contact The Multihull Company, the exclusive dealer for Balance Catamarans worldwide, at 215-508-2704 or inquire here.

Multihulls World

“Judging by the workmanship I examined the 451 is first class in every respect.”

SAIL Magazine

“The Balance 451 is a boat that will click off some serious 24-hour runs on passage”

Multihulls Quarterly

“When you combine the narrow, longer hulls with the new powerful rig and the ultra-light overall construction, the Balance 451 promises to be one of the fastest cruising cats with proper cruising accommodations out there.”