Balance Catamarans
Balance Catamarans
The South African Build Team Prior to Launch of Hull #1 “Ondine”

NEXUS YACHTS and BALANCE CATAMARANS formed an exclusive partnership together in 2012 to build and market together high performance voyaging catamarans factory direct to the consumer. Phil Berman saw their first catamaran, the Nexus 60, at the Annapolis Boat Show in 2010 and came away deeply impressed with the both the build quality and design philosophy. Over the ensuing months and Phil’s visit to the factory to meet the team the two companies joined forces.

The initial inspiration for the factory came from John Henrick and Mark Paarman. Both were serious seaman, fisherman, and surfers, and they wanted a fast, high payload, ultra rugged performance catamaran for long distance expeditions. Mark and John knew that there was no better person to turn to than Mark’s brother, Jonathan, to build their boats.

The shipyard sits in St. Francis Bay, 685 kilometres (425 miles) from Cape Town, and 102 kilometers (63 miles) from Port Elizabeth. Those who wish to visit us can either fly into Port Elizabeth, or, if they have the time, rent a car and take the gorgeous seven hour coastal drive from Cape Town.

The factory floor comprises 2000 Square meters (21,528 square feet) with two large downstairs building areas, with a second upstairs floor dedicated to company offices. The shipyard itself was designed by Chief Builder, Jonathan Paarman, who ran the composite side of Voyage Yachts in Cape Town for eight years. With his deep experience in catamaran fabrication Jonathan had a keen understanding of how to design the factory floor for tooling, laminating, and final assembly.  Jonathan is also a legendary professional surfer.

We encourage shipyard visits during working hours, but ask for at least a 24 hour notice so as to be sure a visit does not conflict with our building schedules and because we have found that our serious customers enjoy a careful walk through of the facility with Jonathan or Roger Paarman.

Multihulls Magazine

“In addition to being a yacht of the finest quality, the new “Versahelm” design of the Balance 526 is so elegant, wise and functional one wonders why nobody thought to do it before…”

Cruising World

“I stepped off the Balance 526 thinking it might just be the new scratch boat in the payload-versus-performance multihull debate.”

Multihulls Magazine

“The #1 hull that I inspected was spray finished in a gray blue color and the fairing quality was flawless, not a single bump in her shiny blue hulls.  It is hard to imagine the amount of time it took to fabricate tooling that allowed for this, or the amount of time spent fairing her to gain such a finish.”