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27 Mar 2024

Cole Brauer: Sailing into History and Inspiring Waves of Change

In the world of solo sailing, where vast stretches of open sea and relentless challenges test the mettle of even the most seasoned sailors, Long Island’s own Cole Brauer has emerged as a sailor of note. Recently, she etched her name in the annals of maritime history by becoming the first American woman to sail solo around the world, a feat accomplished during the Global Solo Challenge. The remarkable journey of this 29-year-old skipper, her vessel, and the resounding impact she’s had on the sailing community is worth exploring.

Setting Sail

Cole Brauer set sail from the picturesque port city of A Coruña in Spain, marking the beginning of a grueling 26,000-nautical-mile race known as the Global Solo Challenge. Piloting the 40-foot yacht named “First Light,” Brauer embarked on a solitary circumnavigation that spanned 130 days, culminating in her triumphant return to the same Spanish harbor where her journey began.

The Global Solo Challenge

The Global Solo Challenge, a test of endurance and navigational prowess, proved to be the ultimate battleground for sailors from around the world. Brauer, undaunted by the magnitude of the challenge, faced headwinds, unpredictable weather, and the isolation of the open sea. Despite the hardships, she documented her journey with unparalleled transparency, sharing the raw emotions of offshore racing with a global audience.

A Remarkable Finish

As the final leg of the race unfolded, Cole Brauer’s arrival in Spain was marked by a tearful reunion with her family and a toast with champagne sipped from her  trophy. Brauer’s Instagram post, waving sparklers in celebration, captured the jubilation of a sailor who had conquered the world’s oceans against all odds.

Second Place, First Woman

While Philippe Delamare claimed the top spot in the Global Solo Challenge, Cole Brauer’s second-place finish is a testament to her tenacity and skill. Her accomplishment as the only woman in this year’s competition speaks volumes about breaking barriers and challenging stereotypes in the world of solo sailing.

Social Media and Beyond

Throughout her voyage, Brauer utilized satellite internet and a dedicated social media team on shore to share her journey with the world. Her Instagram account, which amassed nearly half a million followers, became a virtual window into the challenges and triumphs of solo circumnavigation. Brauer’s openness and authenticity resonated with fans worldwide, inspiring a new generation of sailors and adventure enthusiasts.


Cole Brauer’s solo circumnavigation of the globe is more than just a maritime achievement; it’s a testament to the indomitable spirit that propels individuals to conquer the unknown. As the first American woman to complete this extraordinary journey, Brauer has left an indelible mark on the world of solo sailing. Her story serves as an inspiration, encouraging others to set sail into uncharted waters, face challenges head-on, and let the winds of determination guide them to their own extraordinary destinations.