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Sustaining Balance

Beyond The Boats

When you sail, you can’t help but be a full participant in the world around you. Traveling through your days this way challenges the way you think, live, consume, listen, and learn.

Sailing helps us all understand we are a part of this world not apart from it.

At Balance, we strive to listen and learn from others, to respect those on the journey with us. We do this in many ways including practicing sustainability
in our building.

While sailing is one of the cleanest modes of transportation on the planet today, we are constantly exploring new technology to lower the overall footprint on days when Mother Nature is less cooperative. We also work to ensure potential owners understand the impact technologies have on the environment through procurement and manufacturing as well as use.

Partnerships that Run Deep

Balance continues to develop key global partnerships with groups focused on environmental technology to better understand the impact global warming is having on our oceans. Odyssey Project is the latest example and exciting partnership in development utilizing Balance Catamarans to help capture ocean data for improved scientific observation. Among our initiatives:

  • Balance has expanded offerings in sustainable and recycled materials for flooring, cabinetry and vegan-friendly material options for seating areas

  • We track the latest research in alternative fuels and associated infrastructure expansion including biofuels and hydrogen options

  • We are engaged in constant studies of the latest energy efficient propulsion systems

  • We advocate reducing Genset installs by using alternative charging systems

  • As we add new factory space, we plan to install a 20kVA solar power plant. This will allow for 927 metric tons of CO2 emissions to be eliminated over the next 25 years

  • Our water storage is currently captured from the factory roof. This system supplies all our water needs so we do not draw water from draught-plagued local dams

  • We are inspired by Nelson Mandela’s quest to create a rainbow nation. Our factories reflect this quest in the diversity of races, genders, and religions that populate our factory floors

  • Balance monitors improvements in battery technologies, solar output generation, and hydro regeneration to ensure its owners have the best options

Committed to Community

One of the other ways we practice listening and learning from others is by supporting programs that train skilled workers as well as support community programs in Cape Town and St Francis.

Balance works with Streetwires, an artists collective

Local soccer teams supported

An artists’ vision of a Balance

Balance is committed to training and support

Boat building, a key part of the economy