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15 May 2023

Latest 526 Boasts Exciting New Interior Look

With the latest splash of the Balance 526, interior designer Ed Kelly and owners Andrew and Claire turned out an incredibly attractive interior that showcases some smart new looks for the 526. First, the interior cabinetry is Tineo wood, also known as Indian Apple. This is a unique species from South America and the veneer often features dramatic, contrasting black stripes. But with its uniform texture and good natural luster this ethically sourced wood is a good choice for cabinetry. 

Andrew and Claire also wanted a larger textile surface in the master suite to soften the room. The headboard here is larger than in most 526s and provides a strong sense of proportionality to the space, explains Balance’s designer Ed Kelly of OLC Design in Philadelphia. The flooring is Belgotex Bayport Hornbeck and despite its mouthful of a name is a smart, clean choice with the Tineo. There is a lot to like with this new look interior including the seamless transitions in materials from fiberglass to textiles to wood. 

Offering customers the option to work with a professional designer is just one of the many ways Balance Catamarans stands out from the crowd.