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23 Feb 2023

Learnership Program Expands in St. Francis

We are committed to community outreach at Balance Catamarans and support various programs both in South Africa and in the United States. Our partners in St. Francis, for instance, run an incredible program that is part outreach, part smart business, called the Learnership Program. We have written about it before but thought you might like an update.

The program is in its third year and has been a great success with 90 percent of the students staying on as permanent employees. The remaining have all gone on to further their educations so any way you look at it, this one is a winner.

The program starts its fifth session next month. The program started in 2019 with just 8 students and today has 19 students recruited from the area. The class focuses on a variety of life skills as well as team building, communications skills, and basic technical understanding of the types of work and commitment needed for a career in the marine industry.

Upon graduation, the students are given a certificate that they can use to gain employment with others in the industry as well. Happily, most opt to apply for positions with Balance and are enthusiastically hired.

Next up for this program is a specialized classroom that will be added to the new factory recently set up for the Balance 580. This will allow for a central gathering place for the students and a Birdseye view of great catamarans being built.

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