Certified Pre-Owned By Balance

Balance 760F – Skimmer

Balanceā€™s Certified Pre-Owned program partners with The Multihull Company, the world’s largest full-service international catamaran brokerage company, to offer professionally inspected surveys, service and maintenance records, and market expertise to owners and buyers of Balance catamarans.

In-depth records, including warranty and repair histories for each pre-owned Balance are maintained in order to ensure a professional buying and selling experience. In addition, the professional brokers from The Multihull Company are specifically trained in every aspect of these catamarans from the build to the sailing experience.

Balance Catamarans is a community of sailors that know and trust the vessels they have entrusted their family and friends to for years. By keeping careful records and documentation of the catamarans maintenance, the resale value of the boat will remain strong and provide the new owners the confidence to know they are making a smart, well-informed purchase decision.

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  • Rigorous Pre-sale inspection process and associated report completed by a Balance technical representative

  • Detailed outline of maintenance, repair, and warranty history supplied to new owners

  • Full day two-day instruction turnover on yacht operations and maintenance for new owners provided by a Balance representative

  • Extended customer care and support for as long as you own your Balance including access to Balances Preferred network of support & service centers

  • Membership in the Balance Owners Group along with access to all Balance events, instructional content, and course offerings