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Balance Catamarans

Balance 526 Rescues Sailors from Sinking Vessel

The crew of a Balance 526 catamaran en route to Miami have rescued a crew of sailors from a motor yacht off of Puerto Rico.

Featured in Cruising World  February 1st, 2016.

Catamaran skipper, Sasha Bading, and his crew were racing their way to Florida for the upcoming Miami Boat show onboard their Balance 526 catamaran, Ondine when they rescued three French sailors from a sinking motor cat near Mona Passage during the night of January 23rd.

The U.S. Coast Guard in Puerto Rico forwarded Pan Pan call from the French sailors who were on their way from the Dominican Republic to Martinique when the crew of Ondine responded to the call.

After being alerted to the Pan Pan, the crew kept a sharp lookout and were able to spot a distant flashing light miles away. They sailed to the light and found the sailors, brought them on board, and called the Coast Guard.

Getting the French sailors on board Ondine in the large seas was no easy feat, yet was done so without damage to her. The U.S. Coast Guard arrived at the scene shortly thereafter to transfer the sailors and return them to land.

Congratulations Sasha and crew for a job well done.

With Special Thanks To Cruising World