Balance Catamarans
Balance Catamarans

Building a Balance 482 Catamaran

This is the first video in the Building a Balance 482 Catamaran series.
Here you will follow the build of the first Balance 482 Catamaran from tooling to launch and sea trials of hull #1.

This video shows the first stages of the hull mold and deck plug construction up to the demolding of the hull and mocking up the layout.The hull mold is constructed using thousands of CNC-cut shutter ply frames and meranti stringers. This framework is then cladded with weather-proof ply and faired until smooth. The same process is then applied to the deck plug, from which the deck mold is manufactured using E-Glass and resins with structural reinforcement behind it.
The Balance 482 hull is laminated in one piece without the need for additional joining laminates and tabbing, which helps to save weight . The structural PVC foam core material is thermo formed and vacuum bagged to assist with further weight savings and to provide structural integrity to this performance sailing catamaran. Furthermore, all bulkheads are properly tabbed in and we use carbon fiber in high-load areas for extra stiffness and strength.

All the structural detailing and design is done by our partner, Du Toit Yacht Design, using state-of-the art software which includes Catia. We will show you more of this process and share some of this naval architecture with you in another video.