Balance Catamarans
Balance Catamarans

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A Sailor’s Quest to Build His Dream Cruising Catamaran


I grew up in Hong Kong. I began sailing at the age of seven and have been a member of the Hebe Haven Yacht Club for as long as I can remember. Sailing is my life-long passion. I have been active in Asian and Australian sailboat racing circles for several decades. I have owned and raced Lasers, 505s, Etchells, Peterson 30s, a Farr 36 and a Taswell 49. I’ve competed at the World Championship level in both the 505 and Etchells Classes. When Multihulls Quarterly asked me to write this piece, I was in England competing in the Etchells National Championships.

So what, you may ask, has any of this monohull racing got to do with catamarans? You’d think I was some died-in-the-wool single-huller. I was, but at the Commodore’s Cup, Cowes 2008, I was at the dock talking to Laurence Mead about fast cruising monohulls when he suggested a cat. He said he had chartered one and for cruising he liked it much better than monohulls. I took his advice and never looked back. When it comes to cruising, anyone who has a sherd of experience realizes very quickly that catamarans are far superior to monohulls—the guests are happier and less seasick, the sleeping at night is nicer, the spaces are more open and fun for living. My wife Bolin and our girls would never consider cruising on anything but a catamaran, anyway, so there you have it.