Balance Catamarans
Balance Catamarans
Balance Catamarans are high performance voyaging yachts of exceptional quality. We build them for seasoned voyagers, most of whom are purchasing their third or fourth yacht. These sailors demand a level of quality, performance and construction sophistication that cannot be achieved in mass production. Some of our owners are race and performance oriented, while others are more cruise oriented. They are united, however, in their desire to sail very fast on a safe comfortable catamaran capable of carrying significant cruising payloads.

Russ and Laurie

Balance 601 “Nexus”

“The Balance 601 is literally everything a true blue water voyager would want, and I believe she is the best balance between performance and comfort in the catamaran world. ”  READ MORE


Balance 526 “Bliss”

“My wife would never consider cruising offshore in a monohull, and the Balance 526 was the perfect compromise for us as she is fast, comfortable, practical, beautiful and very well built, by people who also love to sail.”  READ MORE


Balance 526 “Ondine”

“She’s pretty, she’s built like a rock, she’s light, super intelligently designed and is going to be a blast to sail. I think the name Balance says it all…”  READ MORE


Balance 451 “Rendezvous”

“After years of planning we found the Balance 451 to be the best combination of performace, quality of build and value on the market…”

Piotr and Ula

Balance 526 Hull #5

“I was looking for something a bit smaller, lighter, and even faster to sail than my Catana 58, and I wished to specify carefully the exact outfit of my next catamaran based on my knowledge from owning the Catana. Balance Catamarans, being a smaller, high-end, boutique shipyard were prepared to work carefully with me to build the catamaran of my dreams….”  READ MORE

Jim and Mary Anne

Balance 526 Hull #6

   Aesthetics were also a big factor for us in deciding to order our new Balance 526. We find her crisp contemporary lines and modern interior finishes to be satisfying to our eyes. Also, as experienced sailors, we were drawn to the fact that the 526 is a truly hand-made labor of love crafted by passionate builders who were happy to let us make a wide range of choices on finishes and equipment that larger production builders will not…..”  READ MORE

Craig and Sharon

Balance 451 Hull #7

” “A number of things particularly attracted me to the Balance 451. My wife and I both love the “full visibility helm station” that can be totally protected for foul weather. And after having sailed on charter keel catamarans, and recognizing how poorly most of them sail to windward, I knew I wanted dagger-boards. I also wanted the strong, yet very light weight construction of the 451 – the appeal of being able to sail a catamaran that really likes to move, both upwind and down. We really enjoy sailing and sluggish catamarans are just not nearly as much fun to sail. The first time you hit 14 or 15 knots on a 451 you’ll know what I mean…” …READ MORE

Steve and Katherine

Balance 451 Hull #8

“When we first sailed on our boat in Grenada it was fantastic, even better than we had expected, especially upwind… It truly is the perfect balance.. The quality for the price is so clearly obvious to anyone who seriously compares the 451 with other performance and or voyaging focused catamarans. The quality of the fiberglass lamination, the interior cabinetry, the quality if the fittings, rig, sails and wiring systems is first-rate… ” READ MORE

Dave and Lisa

Balance 526 Hull #4

“Born with a need for speed and a passion to be on the water, Dave and Lisa knew they wanted to cruise extensively in their retirement. The couple had been power boaters for the majority of their lives, until Lisa developed the idea to liquidate their small business in the IT industry, quit their jobs, and go cruising. The convenient size of catamarans led them first to own to a Norseman 430 and then a Leopard 46 before buckling down with a Balance 526…” READ MORE