Balance Catamarans
Balance Catamarans

Balance Catamarans are committed to building semi-custom, hand-crafted, bespoke yachts of exceptional quality. Our customers are mainly drawn from the ranks of serious voyagers, racers, and explorers. They come to us with a lifetime of experience and appreciate a build partner who is prepared to listen to them, work with them, to fabricate a dream catamaran like no other. When ordering a new yacht our customers start with a standard specification sheet that carefully outlines what we provide for our base price. They may then either elect to pick specific equipment packages we have assembled to achieve various levels of comfort, self sufficiency, or performance, or may option out their catamaran on an entirely custom, a la carte basis.

Balance builds serious catamarans for serious sailors. Each and every yacht we craft is a unique work of art. This includes allowing our customers to have either a dual daggerboard yacht, a dual daggerboard yacht with mini keels in combination, or a high performance fixed keel version. To learn more on this, please visit our study with the Wolfson Unit at the University of Southampton.

Multihulls Magazine

“The #1 hull that I inspected was spray finished in a gray blue color and the fairing quality was flawless, not a single bump in her shiny blue hulls.  It is hard to imagine the amount of time it took to fabricate tooling that allowed for this, or the amount of time spent fairing her to gain such a finish.”

Cruising World

“Through a rare mix of world-class talent in building composite structures and labor rates that allow a builder to competitively market a 25,000-man-hour product, Balance has created a beautiful vessel.”

Multihulls World

“Judging by the workmanship I examined, the 451 is first class in every respect.”