Balance Catamarans
Balance Catamarans


We are often asked to answer many of the same questions for prospective buyers, so Balance owner Phillip Berman has produced some short videos to answer the most common ones we get. If you need answers to anything else, just let us know. And Stay in Balance!

Daggerboards or Keels?

Should I Get a Carbon Mast and Sails?

Should I Get Lithium Batteries

What Type of Customization Can I do?

Where Can I Store A Bike?

Where Can I Store Surfboards?

Where Do You Use Carbon?

Will You Build a Balance with Electric Engines?

How Can I Save on Taxes and Duty?

How Do I Order a Balance?

Multihulls Magazine

“In addition to being a yacht of the finest quality, the new “Versahelm” design of the Balance 526 is so elegant, wise and functional one wonders why nobody thought to do it before…”

Multihulls World

“Judging by the workmanship I examined the 451 is first class in every respect.”

Cruising World

“I stepped off the Balance 526 thinking it might just be the new scratch boat in the payload-versus-performance multihull debate.”