Balance Catamarans
Balance Catamarans

Strike a balance between performance and comfort.

Balance Catamarans will be comfortable to live on but will also sail smartly in light air and regularly average 200-to-220- mile days while sailing in trade wind conditions.

Create affordable, high-quality yachts.
Balance Catamarans will be built with foam cores, vinylester or epoxy resins, and composite bulkheads and furniture. A total-engineering approach will produce the strongest, lightest, yet most affordable performance cats possible.

Build yachts that are easily single-handed or operated by a couple.
Balance Catamarans will be simply and safely reefed, easily tacked and jibed, and carry self-tending jibs and cutter rigs for ease of handling. All reefing and mainsail hoisting will be managed by the helmsman from the helm station, without the need to go forward to the mast.

Produce yachts that offer all the creature comforts.
Balance designs are meant to sail swiftly but they are also a pleasure to cook on, sleep on, and offer spacious bathrooms, good places to read, and write, and offer the most ergonomically comfortable living spaces. Main living spaces will be bright and airy and offer excellent headroom for tall men and women.

Produce yachts that are simple to maintain.
Balance owners must spend as little time as possible fixing and maintaining their catamarans so they are designed and built that way from the beginning.

Produce yachts that can sail upwind.
Balance designs will offer powerful, high-aspect ratio sail plans and offer our catamarans in three underwater configurations: Dual Daggerboards, Dual Performance Keels, or Dual Daggerboards with Dual Protective Mini-Keels. Balance Catamarans must sail well on all points of sail.  To learn about the performance differences and pros and cons of Daggerboards versus Keels, please read our careful Study conducted with the Wolfson Unit at the University of South Hampton and also the article published in New Zealand Yachting.

Produce yachts that do not bang or slap excessively in bumpy seas.
Balance Catamarans are designed to sail in blue water, not lakes or ponds. As such they will have substantial under-wing clearance to insure they do not persistently slam or pound in lumpy seas.

Provide helm stations that can be fully covered, closed and offer four-corner visibility.
Balance designs will allow for the operation of the yacht from inside the salon, using a remote autopilot, and offer a single-bulkhead helm station where the skipper can be fully protected from the elements when piloting on deck in inclement weather. On our larger models we offer our ground-breaking Versahelm design.

Build the greenest yacht possible.
Balance Catamarans love to sail in light air and are energy efficient in every respect. The design employs LED lighting, generous sail plans, and the use of the best and lightest materials possible to insure our boats sail more than they motor. Sailboats are Green, motorboats are not.

Build yachts that are strong and safe.
Balance Catamarans will be designed to weather a storm when avoiding one is not possible. Our catamarans will use the finest vinyl-ester or epoxy resins, foam cores, composite bulkheads, carbon reinforcement, and E-glass construction. They are built light, but they are strong.

SAIL Magazine

“The Balance 451 is a boat that will click off some serious 24-hour runs on passage”

Multihulls Quarterly

“It was clear that Berman and Dutoit had spent hundreds of hours to design what they felt was the ultimate blue-water performance cat.”

Multihulls Magazine

“The Balance 526 is certainly no condomaran.  She is clearly a racehorse coming in light ship at just over 10 tons.  To place that into perspective, two Balance 526 cats weigh less than one Lagoon 52.”